Yacht Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (YSATT)

Some of YSATT's Achievements


YSATT ensures the viability of the yacht services industry by taking steps to protect the marine environment in the Western Peninsula:

We insist that all member boatyards be equipped with proper disposal and/or recycling facilities for garbage, oil, glass and batteries. We assist cruisers in the event of an oil spill, distributing solvent free of charge

Customer Service:

YSATT works to ensure that the cruiser’s overall experience of Trinidad is a positive one: YSATT acts as a forum for compliments and complaints about every aspect of our industry, but especially about work-related matters. This ensures that you, the member, receives feedback about your service and that the yachtsman does not walk away angry (hopefully!).

YSATT attempts to resolve disputes in a methodical manner with absolute impartiality between members and visitor. The YSATT office serves as a tourism visitor information outlet, supplying maps, information leaflets and advice to visitors on places of interest, scenic routes, shows to attend, etc., i.e. serving to enhance the yacht visitor’s overall experience of Trinidad and Tobago.


YSATT works to create a safe environment for both cruisers and members.

Special Events:

YSATT is not all business. We hope that you will take part in the social events that we organise each year, e.g. the Christmas Concert.

Other Activities:

YSATT was instrumental in establishing a Customs and Immigration presence in Chaguaramas.

At a higher level, with the help of the Comptroller of Customs and the Chief Immigration Officer, YSATT has been instrumental in getting our laws adapted to the needs of the yacht service industry.

YSATT lobbied keenly for the introduction of rules that allow cruisers to bring boat parts and related repair materials into Trinidad and Tobago, free of duty and VAT. We are working towards taking this to the next level with the introduction of a bonded warehouse and a single harmonised Immigration clearance form.

YSATT is currently working on several promotional activities:
The production and distribution of an industry brochure development and placement of a print advertisement in regional and international marine media having a presence at several international events. Developing and implementing an annual survey to collect data on the yachting industry educating the general public about the yachting industry to mitigate the negative perceptions about the industry.

We assist cruisers in the event of an oil spill, distributing solvent free of charge, and in the case of the oil spill of September 2000, we coordinated the cruisers’ claims for compensation. We established a Marine Environment Fund to address several environmental issues, e.g. the creation of an oil spill response strategy. We work closely with the oil companies based in Chaguaramas to ensure that their operations do not negatively impact on the industry. We offer advice to all our members on environmental matters. We coordinate an Annual Clean Up Day, which is held on the third Saturday in September to coincide with the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Clean Up Day.

YSATT was instrumental in having the anchorage area designated to help control traffic flow and ensure the safety of those at anchor. Moorings are being placed to ensure that boats are safe in the anchorage.